Nisha’s Salon

I walked by a place I had not seen before called Nisha’s Salon.  Its across from Sienna not too far from Hoggs N Chicks and Wolfgang.   I did not think much of it until someone told me they took their daughter there for a free haircut, really liked them and plan to go back.   The next time I was over there, I saw the sign and wanted to share this.   I have no idea if they are still doing this (I was over there last week) but think I will go find out.  I think its a great idea for getting business.     I’m always looking for a place to take the boys for haircuts for that is not too expensive yet has someone who listens and will cut it the way they want it.








A while back I was surprised when I saw that Magnolia House was closing.  The main reason I went there was to buy Tyler Candles and the other items in that product line.  My friend is a Rep for Tyler so I asked her where I could start getting the candles & the detergent close by (you know me and how I love close by!).  She told me the Hallmark on highway 6 is now carrying them.  I went in there a few days later and I was so glad I asked her.  Hallmark has changed over the years- at least to me it has.  There was all sorts of good stuff in there!   The Tyler candle selection was great and I found the perfect Mothers Day gift for my Mom.  Mom doesn’t really need anything.  Those people are the hardest to buy for to me because I’m a very practical gift giver.  Hallmark is great for this.  Another good find- the cellphone accessory section!  Who knew right?  Yes- go check out Hallmark.  IMG_5560


Panda Express

I finally went to Panda Express.  I say finally because I’ve been hearing about how good (and cheap!) it is from the high school kids for months now.  Evidently they go there after school pretty often.  It’s just down highway 6 from us and in front of the Wal-Mart that is near the Toll Road.  Two weeks ago when I did not have a dinner plan (I get mad at myself when I let this happen), I remembered it was there so I went thru the drive through and ordered the Family meal.   My kids are big fried rice fans so I knew if that was good, they’d like it.    It was not expensive and it did not take long, so I will go back for sure.   Glad those high school kids are going to ensure they stay open!



Growth at our churches

I think I’ve talked about my church before.   We go to the Harvest.  Its a very exciting time for us because we are adding on to the church and the new space is going to be amazing.   As you probably have seen, the Catholic church here in Sienna is also adding on and it looks like it will be beautiful.  I love how pretty most Catholic churches are.   I was talking with a neighbor recently about all the churches in Sienna and she was telling me they attend Sugar Land Baptist and that it is a easy drive over there.   Back in April they got a new Senior Pastor named Dr. Sandlin and she says he’s wonderful.   I love that we have choices for every domination I can think of.   I guess the growth of our churches should not be surprising after reading about how Fort Bend County continues to grow at an incredible rate.   If you want to find a church home, the Sienna Residential Newsletter often lists all the ones here in Sienna and there are many more in Missouri City & Sugar Land.   Of course I’d love for you to visit the Harvest United Methodist Church!  You can visit the website, or email me and I’ll give you info on service times.  IMG_1741

Sienna at 6 Veterinary Hospital

A while back I met a very nice couple and as it turns out his name was Dr. Sanchez and he is the Vet at Seinna at 6.   I have a friend who uses them and is very happy to have found them.  She was telling me her dog has had lots of issues and that they have just been great.    I know with my dog, it has not been fun (for her or me!) to have her get one ear infection after another for a while.  It’s both time and money to get her to a Vet and get medicine.  Our pets all need care though and I continue to see people posting on the Facebook groups asking about where they should go.    Its always my goal to not drive far whenever possible.    I don’t want to sacrifice service to save on time, but life is so crazy busy, it makes me  thankful to find good services right here in our community.  If you are looking for a Vet,  you might want to try Dr. Sanchez.



Hackerville Pharmacy

I read on one of the Sienna Facebook groups about the new Hackerville Pharmacy and had to go check it out.   My boys love shakes and these are really good.  I was proud of myself for getting coffee instead (it was good too).  The people were very helpful and friendly so I can see this as being a store that wants to get to know you and provide you with great personal service.  Its right next to Bahama Bucks so go check it out.



Father’s Day

Having a good Daddy is such a huge blessing from God in my opinion.  I sure had one.  He’s in heaven now but Father’s Day really doesn’t  make me sad.  I focus on my husband Matt and what a great Dad he is to my two boys.  This year he might be a little sad, just because it will only be his 2nd Father’s Day without his Dad.  Matt used to take John to the movies every year the week of Fathers Day.  John was a simple man who didn’t want gifts.  He & Matt had different interests for the most part but going to the movies was something they both loved to do.   I thought it was really cool how in about May of every year Matt started thinking about which movie John might want to go see in June.  It would be just the two of them and they’d go eat dinner as well and just be alone, which was rare I guess.   I hope anyone who does not have a Daddy alive to celebrate can celebrate with someone else who deserves it.  Being a good Daddy is no small accomplishment after all!      HAPPY FATHERS DAY!