Fathers & Daughters

I’ve had two babies but no girls.  I’ve always thought my husband would make a great girl Daddy.  I love to see Dads with their little girls.  I love to remember me with my Daddy when I was young.  My Dad seemed so big & tall- and he really was not.  He seemed so loud- but really he just had a deep voice.  I love the way Dads always joke about their daughters never being allowed to date. Or wear high heels. Or make up.  It’s a unique relationship and one to celebrate for sure.

The Association is putting on a Father-Daughter dance called Gems & Gents on February 25th from 6 to 9.  It will be held at Sienna Lutheran Academy.  The Dads will dress up in suits, the girls in pretty dresses and there will be refreshments & prizes.  I imagine this will be a great photo opportunity for a framed pic to be added to your collection.  It will also be a fun night and I’m sure a lifetime memory for some little girl who thinks her Daddy is so big & tall!




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