Career Day at Baines

One of the things I like the most about Baines is Career Day.  Every year the 8th graders at Baines get treated to an amazing day.  They are told to dress like they would for a job interview.  They are taught what it means to put their best foot forward and the importance of fist impressions.  Each year an awesome parent steps up and agrees to head up Career Day.  This person brings in speakers from various occupations so that the kids can hear first hand what that job is really like.  They’ve had doctors, nurses, CEOs, Principals, Marine Biologists, Engineers, Artists, Therapists and Scientists over the years.  Parents sign up to bring food, decorate tables, greet speakers and coordinate the very busy day.  My 9th grader tells me it was his favorite day at school last year.  There were two different men in our community who spoke last year that made a huge impression on him. He still talks about how he hopes to emulate these men in the business world when he gets out of college.  I’m very appreciative of Karen Zylicz and every other Sienna resident who stepped up to make today another great Career Day at Baines Middle School.


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