Juice It Raw

fullsizerenderHave you ever done a juice diet?  If not do you have a friend who has ever said “I can’t do lunch this week, I’m juicing” ?    Well I have and yes I do.  The first time I juiced, I ordered from some expensive place online that delivered 3 days worth of juices (to be used a meal replacements) to my doorstep on dry ice.  Well- now that we have Juice it Raw, I can juice for less money and I can go grab it when I want to.   This is only something I will do once in a blue moon because I am partial to chewing.  Yes I like to chew.  In fact, not chewing anything for 3 days straight makes me want to run screaming down the street pulling my hair out.  Not really, but almost.

Even if you don’t want to juice as a meal replacement, Juice It Raw has some really good, healthy drinks that will help you get the right number of vegetable servings each day.  I can’t seem to cook enough vegetables to make that happen.  One with dinner each night is far to little.  Two at night and one during the day happens sometimes, but not enough.

Juice It Raw is now located in our very own HEB. You pass it after you pay for your groceries if you parked on the produce side of the store.  Stop by and try a green drink that looks weird- its really good.  And good for you.

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