Valentines Day is here- like it or not

I remember being in Jr high and a boy bringing me a big heart shaped box of candy.  I also remember being embarrassed carrying it down the hall because people were talking about it and pointing at me.  David seemed like a very nice guy but he was not my boyfriend and honestly I don’t remember him ever saying much of anything to me.     I thanked him and tried to shove it in my locker.  I did enjoy the chocolate later that night (what girl wouldn’t?) and I did share it with all my friends.   Flash forward a couple of years to high school and nobody gave me any candy.  In fact, there was a Sweetheart dance and it seemed like everyone was “going with” someone at the time and I was not so I felt like odd man out.   Needless to say, Valentines Day has never been my favorite.  I was walking down the isle at our awesome HEB yesterday and I saw the candy isle all done up for Valentines Day and it made me smile.   Since becoming a Mom, I love Valentine’s Day! Its a great excuse to give my boys a card, their favorite candy and maybe a new pair of socks or a water bottle.    I normally cook something that my family really likes and I make a good dessert (something we don’t normally have during the week).  My friend Lori has the tradition of ordering a Heart shaped pizza for her kids and I love that.  Yes it’s a racket and cards are overpriced, but the day is a great excuse to express your love for those that mean the most to you.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


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