We’ve got a third driver in the house!

When my fourteen year old told me we need to look into Drivers Ed, I said “why? you’re old enough”.   I’ve since learned that you can start it at fourteen and a half.  I’ve learned lots about this whole license thing in fact.   My good friend Amy, who has a seventeen year old said,  “my advice is get his permit the day he turns 15 and that way he has one full year to legally drive with you before he gets his license”.   Now I understand if a kid does not feel ready or want to get a permit as soon at they turn fifteen there is nothing wrong with waiting either.   But here I had a fourteen year old asking me to look into it.  Bottom line- its never been more convenient to go through this process than it is now (accept for back when I was fifteen and took Drivers Ed at school that is!).   Zack is doing his Drivers Ed thru Safeway Driving school here in Sienna.  A super nice Sienna resident named Gary owns this franchise.   Zack did the whole class online.  They even give you the permit test online.  They mail you a packet of what to take to the DMV to get your permit and then its time to start driving.   Safeway offers professional driving lessons (in various amounts).  Zack will spend 14 hours total with a professional and drive with us from now until next February when he turns sixteen.   If you will be in the market for a drivers ed course, I recommend Safeway for sure.  They’ve been great.


Foot Spa

My friend Colleen kept saying “girl you gotta go. you just gotta go.”  If you know Colleen (and you are lucky if you do!) you can picture just how animated she was when she said this to me.  After finally going in one time, I get what she meant.   For only thirty something bucks, you leave feeling amazingly better after one hour. If you are like me, you may enjoy massages but its not often you go get one.  Think of this as a mini massage where you don’t have to undress and get all oily.   They will put you in what has got to be the most comfy chair ever made.  Then they start on your shoulders and neck.  Next you put your feet in to warm water and then they massage your feet and calves for a long time.  Lastly you move to a table where they rub your back a bit.  Its sixty minutes of bliss for less than 40 bucks.  After my friend Karen worked so hard at Boondoggle, I texted her and said “girl you gotta go”.  Your feet will thank you.  Now I need to thank Colleen.  IMG_5545


After having the entire downstairs repainted, there were a few other changes that needed to be made.  You’re familiar with the domino effect?  When I changed the wall color, the drapes no longer worked.  Most of what hung on my walls would no longer go. I’m thankful that the current style seems to be “less is more”.   When the painters left I was left with 8 pictures, 4 panels of drapes, 3 vases and a few other accessories that I had no clue what to do with.  It seemed too good to toss.  I didn’t want to mess with trying to sell it online.  Someone suggested I take it to Eudybelles on Murphy road.  They are in the same area as Brandini’s.  Its a resale shop of home decor.   A very nice lady named Debra helped me unload my car.  She explained how it worked, I signed a paper and off I went.  Very simple process.  I’m now crossing my fingers at least some of it will bring a little something back to me so that I can justify doing just a little more shopping.   I mean is less REALLY more?IMG_5561.jpg


End of year teacher gifts

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that its a great thing when your child gets a great teacher.  My boys had a couple at Scanlan Oaks that I absolutely loved.  Even when you don’t love the teacher to pieces, you probably feel like they worked very hard all year and you want to give them a little something at the end of the year for doing so.  There were times when I stressed out about this, there were times when I felt like I got just the right thing and times when I felt like I just took the easy way out and grabbed something.   There is nothing wrong with lotions and potions.  There is nothing wrong with any of it when you are trying to do something nice for someone that has such an important job.  Its just that I read an article a couple of years ago written by a teacher who said most really don’t want a candle or a coffee mug (or something more expensive).  Most love getting personal letters and notes from students & parents who’ve appreciated their efforts.  She claimed she will go back and re read some after an especially tough school year.   I wish I had done that years ago for a first grade teacher of Zack’s.  She was amazing.   Just think about it this year if you have a kiddo who has one you think is amazing.  Does she know you think so?  Does she know you’ll remember her when that kiddo graduates high school?  I know you will.   Nothing wrong with putting a gift card in with the letter if you feel the need either!  A good teacher is a true blessing.


Spring Football

As some of you know, we have a really good head football Coach at Ridge Point.  We are blessed to have him and some of the coaches under him as well.    Coach Sniffin sent out an email weeks ago telling the parents of football players at RP the dates of Spring football.  I guess I didn’t give it much thought after notating on the calendar the start date and the date of the Spring game.  Zack had been staying most days after school anyway working out with the other 9th grade football players who are not in another sport at this time.  A few days after it started  he complained of his mouth being sore from the mouthpiece.  I said “wait a minute- you guys are in helmets already? full pads already?”  I was clueless as to what Spring football was all about.  I assumed it was just good conditioning and maybe running some plays.   I then went back and really read Coach Sniffin’s email (something I should have already done!)   He looks at this as the true start of this next football season.  The coaches are telling the boys to get ready for summer work outs, to train hard and give it their all starting now.    I’m thankful Ridge Point has the program that it has and for the time these coaches are willing to put in with these boys.   IMG_4323


Mothers Day

I’ve always loved Mothers Day.  When I was young, I wanted my Dad to make a big deal out of it and he thought driving me to the TG&Y to get a card was sufficient.  It was not.  I guess he was too practical (my Mom was as well) to spend much money but he did always pick out a great card for her from him and then he let my sister and me do the same.  I wanted her to also get flowers and I guess a few times I did talk him into that.  Now that I’m a Mom I still love the day.  I don’t even want flowers.  I want the attention of my two boys.  Honestly,  just their attention.  This is funny because when they were two and three I’d actually hide from them sometimes.  I know- I’m awful!  But let me say I got lots of attention from them back then.   Now that they are 14 and 15, other than one hug & kiss at bedtime, I don’t get much interaction unless I’m driving them someplace.  I understand this is very normal- age appropriate and all that.  I still want more of them sometimes.  I think this year I am going to ask them for Sunday to be a PHONE FEE DAY.  This will be weird for me too, as I am on my phone almost as much as they are.  They will hate this but I am going to request when we get home from being with their Grandmothers in the afternoon, that all cell phones are put on their charges in the kitchen and left there until the next morning.   I’ll just have to explain to them why this means more to me than flowers.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  I hope all the Moms out there have a fabulous, love filled Sunday.

CVS is open

I heard a few people complain that the back of Sienna was getting a new CVS.  They’d say “But we have one up front” or “I really wanted a gas station”.   Let me tell you there are some real pluses to us getting this CVS.  I say this because I live 5 minutes from it.  First let’s talk about those times when you’ve felt great all day and then all of a sudden at 10pm you sneeze fifty seven times in a row, your eyes being to pour water and you realize right then you didn’t take your daily Zyrtec and low and behold- you’re out of it!  No problem- its not 15 minutes one way to buy more now!    Then lets consider your beef stroganoff is near completion and you reach for the sour cream and yuck!  Its expired and the last thing you are about to do is drive (15 minutes mind you) to the super crowded HEB because its around 6pm.  Lastly what about the nights that your 4th grader says to you (at around 7:30 pm or so) “Oh Mom, by the way I need a poster board for tomorrow.  You keep some around, right?”    The fact that this CVS is very close to lots of us just might mean that a few less kids get yelled at an hour before bedtime during the school year.  Or maybe I’m the only one who yells when irritated.  I just know that I hate hearing something is needed in the 11th hour.  This forgetting that a poster board is needed will often happen on Sunday afternoons too-while you are driving by a closed Hobby Lobby that is.   So if you didn’t want a CVS, think about the Zyrtec, non-expired Sour Cream or the big Poster Board you might need soon.  We’ve got to find the bright side people.IMG_5176