We have lots of choices when it comes to dry cleaners in and around Sienna.  I’ve never understood the price difference in them.  I’d go to one and it would be fifty bucks, I’d then go to another and it was only thirty for the same number of items.   I just wanted to find one in a convenient location, who was not expensive that would do a good job.  I’m sure thats what everyone wants in a dry cleaners.   A friend suggested I try McFrugals.  They are next to the CVS and Ulas.  I have to say I am pleased with them.  They’ve done a great job and are very reasonable.  You can sign up for pick up & delivery  but I have not done that yet.  It’s a great location you can pop into coming in or going out of the neighborhood.  Location. Location. Location.  Give them a try if you have not found one you are happy with.


Time for course selection

As most of you know, Fort Bend ISD is a good school district.  I mean it’s well rated.  And in Sienna, we’ve got some great schools.  Academics are really focused on in this community.  If you have a kiddo in middle school or high school, you start hearing about course selection about 3 weeks after the winter break.  Each year I think “really? do we have to deal with this already? its not even Spring!”  But then its also nice when its done and over so why not get on with it?  I say that because in my house each year, we discuss with our boys what the expectation is for the following year.  I’m sure you’re having similar talks if you have kids this age.  Both Baines and Ridge Point keep us well informed and have information nights where parents get to go and hear about the different courses and the work involved.  The counselors make themselves available for you to ask questions and lots of different groups and clubs have tables set up to inform you about all sorts of things your kids can get involved in.  None of this went on back when I was in school.    You just passed, got promoted and went into school the next year.  I do not remember any discussion about which classes we could choose between.  Fort Bend ISD is doing something right and I believe our kids will benefit from it.

Valentines Day is here- like it or not

I remember being in Jr high and a boy bringing me a big heart shaped box of candy.  I also remember being embarrassed carrying it down the hall because people were talking about it and pointing at me.  David seemed like a very nice guy but he was not my boyfriend and honestly I don’t remember him ever saying much of anything to me.     I thanked him and tried to shove it in my locker.  I did enjoy the chocolate later that night (what girl wouldn’t?) and I did share it with all my friends.   Flash forward a couple of years to high school and nobody gave me any candy.  In fact, there was a Sweetheart dance and it seemed like everyone was “going with” someone at the time and I was not so I felt like odd man out.   Needless to say, Valentines Day has never been my favorite.  I was walking down the isle at our awesome HEB yesterday and I saw the candy isle all done up for Valentines Day and it made me smile.   Since becoming a Mom, I love Valentine’s Day! Its a great excuse to give my boys a card, their favorite candy and maybe a new pair of socks or a water bottle.    I normally cook something that my family really likes and I make a good dessert (something we don’t normally have during the week).  My friend Lori has the tradition of ordering a Heart shaped pizza for her kids and I love that.  Yes it’s a racket and cards are overpriced, but the day is a great excuse to express your love for those that mean the most to you.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Juice It Raw

fullsizerenderHave you ever done a juice diet?  If not do you have a friend who has ever said “I can’t do lunch this week, I’m juicing” ?    Well I have and yes I do.  The first time I juiced, I ordered from some expensive place online that delivered 3 days worth of juices (to be used a meal replacements) to my doorstep on dry ice.  Well- now that we have Juice it Raw, I can juice for less money and I can go grab it when I want to.   This is only something I will do once in a blue moon because I am partial to chewing.  Yes I like to chew.  In fact, not chewing anything for 3 days straight makes me want to run screaming down the street pulling my hair out.  Not really, but almost.

Even if you don’t want to juice as a meal replacement, Juice It Raw has some really good, healthy drinks that will help you get the right number of vegetable servings each day.  I can’t seem to cook enough vegetables to make that happen.  One with dinner each night is far to little.  Two at night and one during the day happens sometimes, but not enough.

Juice It Raw is now located in our very own HEB. You pass it after you pay for your groceries if you parked on the produce side of the store.  Stop by and try a green drink that looks weird- its really good.  And good for you.

Sherwin Williams and then some

Well like most people that have been in a home for ten years or so, I’m thinking its time to repaint.  Going in all the fabulous model homes in Sienna does not help when I get the bug!  I do love that we now have a Sherwin Williams paint store.  I can  just pop in there and look around, feel overwhelmed and leave, and pop back in the next week.  I’ve always been envious of those who are capeable of painting themselves.  Maybe not an entire house but how about a piece of furniture?  There are a few pieces in my home that people have said “you know what you could do right?  that would look so great if it were painted..” I do realize that painted furniture is very in and I agree with them when they say it, I’m just not qualified. At. All.   Seriously, painting is a talent I do not possess.  Part of it is that I am too impatient.  I slap it on to just get done.   Anyway- yay for Sherwin Williams so I can look at all the great colors and grab a business card of a painter who will do it right. And yay for my friend who know how to pick a color, because truth be told I cannot.

In another regard, for those of us that have lived out here for a while, its fun to get new businesses close to home.  I realize some say they don’t want it and some say they won’t ten times more…I’m just happy when I see a new place that I might like having in the neighborhood.   You may have read my post about Academy.  My kids still make fun of me for being excited about Academy.  Wait till I tell them while they are in Bahama Bucks I’m going to hang out in Sherwin Williams…:)

Sienna neighborhoods celebrate big

In true Sienna fashion, there we’re lots of fun parties to attend on Super Bowl Sunday.  One of the biggest was held right around the corner from me and they even hired a live band.  There was a huge pit delivered the day before, along with a talented cooking crew.  The meat was amazing. There were side dishes for days.  I was told there were at least 125 people there.  I heard of several other big parties that were catered events, as well as small groups who were grilling in the backyard with kids.  It all sounded fun to me!   I’ve read that the City of Houston did an amazing job hosting this years Super Bowl and I saw for myself that Sienna residents know how to throw amazing parties.   I hope you had a great day with your family and enjoyed the game!



Career Day at Baines

One of the things I like the most about Baines is Career Day.  Every year the 8th graders at Baines get treated to an amazing day.  They are told to dress like they would for a job interview.  They are taught what it means to put their best foot forward and the importance of fist impressions.  Each year an awesome parent steps up and agrees to head up Career Day.  This person brings in speakers from various occupations so that the kids can hear first hand what that job is really like.  They’ve had doctors, nurses, CEOs, Principals, Marine Biologists, Engineers, Artists, Therapists and Scientists over the years.  Parents sign up to bring food, decorate tables, greet speakers and coordinate the very busy day.  My 9th grader tells me it was his favorite day at school last year.  There were two different men in our community who spoke last year that made a huge impression on him. He still talks about how he hopes to emulate these men in the business world when he gets out of college.  I’m very appreciative of Karen Zylicz and every other Sienna resident who stepped up to make today another great Career Day at Baines Middle School.