salons by jc

I always call this place JC Salons but its actually salons by jc.   It’s on Highway 6 near the Kroger and the Hallmark before you get to Target.  Its a neat set up of small individual salons with several stylists.    I say stylists but there are hair dressers, nail technicians, eye lash technicians, a barber, a masseuse and make up artists.  I’ve been going there for a few months now and its a very convenient location for those in Sienna.   You can walk in the front door and see the business cards of lots of the people who rent space there.  There is also a Receptionist to your right that can answer questions and give you a list of the services offered.



There is a store called Brooke’s Boutique on Highway 6 next to the Kroger going towards Sugar Land.  Brooke’s is a Resale shop but they also carry some new clothes.   I used to shop too much.  Honestly I do not do that anymore but there was a time I bought clothes that I never got around to wearing.  Sounds dumb- and I’m thankful I’m over that now.  But I did take some stuff to Brooke’s that still had the tags on and it sure was fun to go back in there three weeks later and get some cash.  We’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning, right?   I don’t follow the “if you have not worn it in one year, get rid of it” rule, but I do like to purge.  I now have a rule if I buy anything new, something old has to leave.  No reason to have a stuffed closet anymore.  This Spring, you might want to go through your closet, purge a bit and take gently worn clothes & shoes to Brooke’s and see if you can make a few bucks off the stuff you no longer seem to wear.    On the other hand, if you want a designer purse and don’t want to pay for it, go look at Brooke’s.  They do have lots of designer purses that are in great shape for a fraction of the cost you’ll find at Dillards or Macys.  You can make money there or spend money there-both can be fun!




Family Movie & Gator night

Friday night March 31st will be a fun night for Sienna kids at the Amphitheater.  Gator Chris will be there to give us some facts about these alligators that live here in Sienna.  He will have a few with him and answer questions.  After he is finished the movie Zootopia will be shown at dusk.   As always at Movie night on the hill, you are free to bring a picnic supper, drinks, chairs and/or blankets and hang out as long as you like.  I’ve always enjoyed doing these with other families on our street. Its a fun way to end a long busy work week.


There are lots of options for activities for girls here in Sienna.  I do not have a girl but certainly have lots of friends that do.  I’ve been hearing about Apex cheer for years.  My friends tell me the girls have lots of options on sports (Volleyball, softball, basketball, lacrosse, swim team, track, soccer) and then some choose between either dance or cheer. I admit at times I wish I had a girl to discuss these options with.  God had other plans for my boy dominated household so I’ll just look at the cute pics of the girls and hear the stories about how fun it is.  If you have a little girl interested in cheering, I’m told there are other good options as well- Sienna Spirit and Gridiron Cheer.  You can read about both online.



If you are wanting something new to wear this Spring, I recommend you go to Wearhouse. Its a cute boutique on Highway 6 in a little strip center at the Knight Road intersection.   The owner is named Sara Wear and she has a knack for helping people find just the right outfit for something.  If Sara is there and she knows you, she’ll say “hang on- one of your friends just bought this for that birthday party on Saturday night” and she’ll save you from having on the same thing as your buddy.  She does not buy many of the same item and keeps track of who buys what.  They also carry some great, inexpensive accessories and shoes.  I always love being there when the UPS truck arrives because Sara always says “OK great! Where am I supposed to put all that???”  I guess she gets a little excited when she is ordering stuff because the UPS guy seems to be there quite often and know the drill. Remember when we had to drive all the way to the Mall when we wanted to shop?  Its no longer necessary and I am so glad.  Happy Spring Shopping!


Cotillion in Fort Bend County

My husband has told me stories of his Mom making him do Cotillion back in Texas City, Texas in 1980 something.  He cracks me up talking about how nervous he was as a 7th grader learning how to dance with a girl.  Having to pull out her chair, make small talk and introduce himself to parents at the pick up time at the end of the night.   Flash forward to 2017 and me watching him tell our 13 year old that he is going to do Cotillion “like it or not”.   I kept saying “why do you want him to go if you hated it?”  His response was “I never said I hated it.  I liked it. I was just scared to death at first”.  So we signed Zane up after I got an email from another parent here in Sienna saying that they have one in Fort Bend County and they were doing it.   Zane actually did not complain all that much.  His actual response was “sounds kinda stupid but okay”.   Such a typical response coming from a 13 year old boy right?   There ended up being a group of 8 boys from Baines Middle school who have gone to Richmond, Texas together to learn the basics of etiquette.   Some nights Zane has complained quite a bit, some nights not so much.  The best part has been seeing him all dressed up in a bow tie and jacket.   Not to mention seeing him use extra hair gel and put on cologne.  I drove several of them one time (of course we Sienna Moms are ALL about the carpool) and the whole way home the laughed and laughed about something the instructor made them do.  All in all I’m glad Matt made him do it.  I hope he  will remember how to waltz years from now because of the classes.


The Irish

I am not Irish but have always thought the Irish seem like really fun people.  I mean how can you meet Beth Shields and not think the same thing?  If you do not know Beth, you have not met Beth because she does not meet a stranger.   Beth has a a very big, loud, fun St. Patricks Day party every year.  With Sienna being such a friendly neighborhood in general, I imagine there will be no shortage of places to celebrate.  I’m told one street has a pretty great block party every year.  If like me you are not Irish, use this an excuse to buy a tee shirt at Target, dye some beer green and invite a fun Irish neighbor or two over (if you can’t find one, email me and I’ll introduce you to Beth!:)