Time for the 50 Plus crowd

I am now 49 years old.  That makes me almost a part of the 50 plus crowd.  I always hear “50 is the new 40” and that sounds great to me.  I also like how the 50 plus group is also called “active adults”.  This is a great place to live for anyone who wants to be active because we all know Sienna hosts all sorts of fun events for every age group- I love that the 50 Plus crowd is not forgotten.   On Wednesday, July 19th from 6 to 9 the Association is having an Active Adult pool party.  They’ve done this for several years now but what is great is that this year it will take place at the new Sawmill Lake Club Pool.  There will be a mariachis band and a taco bar. Admission just costs the donation of a travel size toiletries and/or kids toothbrushes (another awesome thing about Sienna is how they give back!).   You can register online at Siennanet or call 281-778-3734 for more info.   I can’t participate in this yet but I can’t wait to go check out the new pool so look for that in a future blog entry.  I hear its going to be beautiful.  20150429_141349-1

6 inches in 6 weeks

I know I’ve written about working out Brushy Lakes fitness center before but I just talked to someone who is doing the 6 week training program there and it sounds really cool.  For just $99 you can attend 5 days a week at all sorts of different times that are offered and they will help you to loose inches and increase muscle.  They will take your measurements in the beginning and again at the end so that you can see and appreciate your work & results.  The classes include cardio, dumbbells and weight machines.  You can go in to talk to them or you can email Drew at Drew@RisherCo.com to get more info and register.  He really knows his stuff and my friend Kimberly also trains people there. She is amazing!  I’ve said this before but I love that you do not feel intimidated walking into Brushy.    There are people there with lots of muscles and there are people there who have never touched a weight before.  Nobody stares at you and people are friendly.


Hurricane Season

Just hearing the newscasters talk about the start of Hurricane Season used to stress me out.  We owned a beach house in Galveston that was right up front, first row of houses from the beach.  Ike happened while we owned that house (great luck huh?) Now that we no longer own property there, I don’t get stressed out about the start of this season.  The start of this season and the reminders to keep supplies ready take me back to those days after Ike.  It makes me count my blessings too.    There were some good things to come out of the Ike experience for us.  If you were in Sienna at that time, then you remember seeing neighbors cooking out in driveways and culdesacs in big groups.  Adults in lawn chairs with ice chests, kids running all around.  After the storm blew through the temps actually cooled down and we had a great breeze at night.   This entire community went outside and stayed outside until well after dark.  We got to know our neighbors MUCH better.  We couldn’t go in and do laundry or get on the computer to work so we talked and talked and laughed.  It wasn’t all fun but It sure made me appreciate the friendly, fun and generous neighbors we have here in Sienna.    I’m not saying I want our area to get hit again by any means- I’m just saying we were there for each other, got through it together and even managed to make it fun.   20141030_183325

Lashes and Brows

I’m sure you’ve noticed that currently thick, full eyebrows are in style.  If you are my age, then you remember the exact opposite being the case at one point in time .   Most of us went and had half our eyebrows waxed off for years!   Of course long, full eyelashes have always been in style and always will be.  We all look better with long eyelashes.   I’ve got issues with both.   After all those years of waxing (and getting old!) my eyebrows are not really giving me much choice.  Another issue I have- I hate and yes I do mean HATE applying mascara.   I cannot explain why.   I don’t mind putting make up on in general and slap it on pretty quick in fact.   Not saying it looks all that great, but good enough for me and my lifestyle most days.    The mascara thing just takes too much time- plus I never found a brand I loved and one that did not leave a smudge underneath my eyes after a couple of hours.   Anyway now we have the option to go get eyelash extensions.  This appeals to me because people with extensions do not have to wear mascara.   If you see a girl at the gym who looks great without make up, theres a good chance she’s had her eyebrows and/or her lashes done.  It’s hard to imagine ever thinking I look “great” without make up on, but you get my point.  Once I wash my face at night, my eyes seem to disappear and my friends all the same about themselves.     Evidently you can get both your lashes and brows worked on at a one stop shop and its a very pretty shop!   Go check out The Lash and Brow Society at 9119 Highway 6, suite 210.


Sienna Pool Parties

One of my favorite things about Sienna has always been the pools we have here and all the fun events Sienna hosts at our pools.   On Saturday, July 8 at the Club Sienna Water Park they will have a Mother & Son date night for Moms with boys up to age 11.  It’s just $10 per person and they will provide dinner & beverages. You can register to attend on Siennanet/Rec & Fun/Register.   There will be a photo booth, a limbo contest and dancing.  I love this because a that age, the boys will be all in!  As we all know, hanging out with Mom at the pool might not sound like such a blast to them when they are 13.  So grab your sweet boy and get in that Photo booth- capture the evidence that there was a time that he really did dig being with you!  IMG_5988 (1)

My Vet

We take Kirby to Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital.   There are several Vets there that are good.  Kirby has had so many ear infections, I’ve lost count.   I hear Labradoodles often have this issue.  It’s annoying.   It gets old.  I feel bad for her because I know its uncomfortable.   If I’m going to have to keep going to the Vet though, I at least want to be close to one so that I’m not in the car longer than I have to be.  That is why I first went to Sienna but I’ve stayed because Becky is a great Vet.   Its not only convenient, they care about your animal and are very responsive.   They call and follow up to check on them.  Not long ago Kirby had another issue and we were worried about her.  The staff at Sienna was great and Kirby is back to her normal, jumping, barking self.


Urgent Care? Convenient Care? ER?

There are now so many choices in Sienna when something is wrong with us.   If it is a night or on a weekend, which one do we choose?   I asked an employee of Memorial Hermann this question.   This is what I’ve been told:  If it is a simple illness like an ear infection or the flu, an Urgent care or a Emergency Center is the place to go.  If you think stitches might be needed, Urgent care is good for that.  Simple fractures can also be treated there.  Basically with non life threatening issues, it will be more affordable and more efficient to go to an Urgent care/Emergency Center  instead of an Emergency Room at the hospital.   I know with our deductible, I’m better off staying away from an ER, unless I know there will be a hospital admission.   Memorial Hermann offers different types of care here in Sienna.   They have an  Emergency Center that is open 24 hours a day, unlike a few of the other places in Sienna that close at 9pm or midnight. In addition they have a Convenient Care Center that has Primary Care doctors, as well as imaging and labs.  If you are looking for a Primary care doctor, and don’t want to drive far, this might be a good place to look for one.IMG_5551.jpg