Spring Break time!

If you have school age children you might feel like I do about Spring Break.  I love it and look forward to every year.  I say school age because when I had Pre Schoolers I did not like Spring Break- it meant no break for me!  Back before I had kids I can say I hated it because I always thought “I sure wish I had a Spring Break”.    As it turns out my husband’s busiest time of year is mid to late March so for several years he could not leave town for Spring Break.  For the past couple of years he’s managed to make it work and with our boys being the ages they are, its been great timing.  The kids really do have Spring fever and I really am ready for a break of making lunches, being on the crazy busy school schedule and that comes with it.  Living in Houston, we’ve got so many choices on what to do.  You can have a staycation and go to the Rodeo and carnival.  We did that during Spring Break for a few years and enjoyed it.  You can stay close to home, rent a beach house in Galveston and in a little over an hour have a great little get away.  You can get to Hobby airport in 30 minutes, jump on a Southwest flight and fly to Mexico.    You can also take an inexpensive cruise out of Galveston.  We’ve done that and we’ve also driven to New Orleans to get on a cruise over Spring Break (that cruise was even less expensive and gave us a great excuse to eat at some of my favorite spots in New Orleans).  Lots of options.  Staying home and relaxing in the back yard with friends sounds pretty amazing as well about now.  Whatever you decide to do (or not do!) enjoy and make the most of the homework break!


Time to Rodeo

I’ve always loved the Rodeo.  If you are from Houston, you’ve grown up hearing the line up on the local radio stations.  You’ve heard about the millions of dollars that have been raised to help send deserving kids to college.  You’ve either served on a committee or you know someone who has.  From the BBQ Cook Off to the closing ceremony on Sunday night, it’s just an amazing event.  There is a group of fun guys who live in Sienna who served on the Poultry Auction Committee for a time.  This group was headed up by our very own Roger Camp.  Roger has lived in Sienna for years and has had a passion for helping kids. For several years Roger asked a few of us to get a group together to attend the Poultry Auction and bid on some chickens to help some kiddos pay for college.  He encouraged us to set a goal and raise money to put with our own contributions.  It was such a blast and it was actually thrilling to bid, win and then get to meet some of the kids that had worked so hard raising these chickens.   If you are not from here and are not familiar with the Rodeo, look it up online and make the effort to go with your family.  You will not be disappointed and you will be helping some great kids who’ve been working really hard at getting to college.


The best garage sale around

Years ago I went to the Perfect Treasure Gargle sale that Sienna held in the Club Sienna parking lot and I was amazed.  It was a great place to buy gently used baby gear.  I had a 7 month old at the time and I was pregnant again and overwhelmed at the thought of what I might want two of.  I remember thinking “I can’t believe how expensive double jogging strollers are” and I then found one there.   I also bought some cute boy clothes that I knew would fit Zachary within a few months.  This year it will be held on April 1st from 7 to 10am.  If you have stuff to sell, you can rent a spot there to sell for just $15 bucks or if you have a business, you can rent a space there for $50.  Another good thing about selling items here is whatever does not sell can be donated at the end and you don’t have to bring it home.  You might want to do this instead of having one on your street.  People come from miles around without you having to advertise or spread the word.  I’ve got lots to sell myself so am considering being a seller instead of a buyer for the first time this year.


Cru has something for everyone

Have you ever been to Cru?  Owned by my friend Allyson and just up the road on Highway 6 is an adorable little place that any girl would love.  In addition to being a great place to find a gift for someone, there is Cru Home- which is a Home Decor store.  I have used an Interior decorator from there named Melissa who is very talented.  They were advertising a “Refresh a Room” package recently and low and behold my entire downstairs is now getting repainted, the ten year old drapes have come down, two pieces of furniture are being painted, and a few new things have been ordered!  I’m sure Matt is not loving the store today (sorry to say that Allyson!) because when you decide to do one room…well it has a domino effect right?  After all this house is ten years old.  If you have a room (or an entire downstairs!) that needs refreshing, or if you just want to get an amazing candle or pair of earrings for a friend, stop by Cru and check it out.


Another Pizza place?

I heard someone say the other day “why are there so many pizza places?”  I told them I’ve read that 95% of America likes and eats pizza.  We all know its a kid favorite.  When Pappa Murphys opened in Sienna I was intrigued because I’d heard you take home the pizza raw.  I was thinking it sounded like something I should check out, because I don’t like left over or heated up pizza.  I went in and met the very friendly owner.  I saw a few Ridge Point students I knew working there.    They explained to me that you can pick up a pizza at 11 am and not cook it until dinnertime.  I loved hearing that.  I often don’t want to get back out once I’m home.  I’ve now been about five or six times and my family has really liked it each time.  They also sell fresh salads and cookie dough too.  Another plus- you dont’ have to use a cookie sheet at home- you bake it on the tray its handed to you on.  Could not be easier clean up!


Networking in Sienna

I was talking to my friend Jo Beth the other day on the phone.  If you’ve ever needed anything monogrammed, you might have met Jo Beth. She monograms just about everything and has great prices.  She is very talented.  Not being a creative person myself, if I want something monogrammed I give it to her and say “you pick the color, placement and font. I trust you.”  Not long after that conversation with her, she ordered a Card My Yard sign from me.   My boys started that business back in late October.  They set up these big, adorable signs in peoples yards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and just about anything else someone might want to celebrate.   I was telling Jo Beth about this blog and how there are so many things I like about living in Sienna, that sometimes its hard to decide what to write about.  She said “What about this?  The fact that so many residents own business and that we all try to support each others business?”   I thought that was such a great idea.   I do try to give business to a Sienna resident anytime I am in the market for something.   We have these wonderful Facebook groups for Sienna that we can advertise on once every couple of weeks.  You can go on there and ask for a recommendation and ten people immediatley respond with names & contact numbers of people they’ve used for this or that.  I love this.  If you need make up, honey, a handyman, a hairdresser, a personal trainer, a chef,  or a driver- look no further than  your neighbors!  Let’s continue to help each other stay in business.



The back door @ Wal-Mart

So I read a while ago that I could go to www.grocery.walmart.com and place an online order for things, pick the way-mart location of my choice, choose a pick up date & time, then just drive up to some back door and an employee would come out and load my SUV up.  I then heard my friend Jill say she used this service and loved it.  As you know, there is a store right near us at Highway 6 and the Fort Bend Tollroad.  I had only been there a hand full of times but did notice that some of the bottled water, paper goods and toiletries were cheaper there than at HEB, Kroger & Target.   One thing I’ve always disliked about grocery shopping is buying drinks.  With two teenage boys who often have friends over, I just can’t keep enough bottled water or milk in the house.   I’d buy these at HEB and barley have room in my cart for food or hardly be able to push the cart because it was so heavy.   Lately I’ve been ordering all liquids at the website listed above and I love it!  I pull up and park in the designated parking spots (on the side of the building), call the number listed on the sign and a very nice lady comes out that back door with a flat bed dolly loaded with my drinks.  I no longer buy drinks at HEB, so I have lots of room for food and I know I’m saving a bit of money too.   Today when I went to pick up my drink order (this time I also got paper towels and toilet paper) they handed me a “customer appreciation bag” that contained the items in the picture below.   If you don’t like filling your cart up with drinks, you might want to give this a try.