Mardi Gras

With all the Super Bowl hype during this first week of February, I almost forgot its Mardi Gras season!    As a Native Texan who lived in Louisiana for six years, I love Mardi Gras.   Sienna can’t let a fun season like this come and go without getting in on the action and planning something fun.  Saturday, February 11th from 12 to 3 there will be a Mardi Gras celebration at the train depot.  They are having a children’s parade, music, good food for purchase and a mask contest.  Bring your kids & neighbors and come enjoy the fun.


Fathers & Daughters

I’ve had two babies but no girls.  I’ve always thought my husband would make a great girl Daddy.  I love to see Dads with their little girls.  I love to remember me with my Daddy when I was young.  My Dad seemed so big & tall- and he really was not.  He seemed so loud- but really he just had a deep voice.  I love the way Dads always joke about their daughters never being allowed to date. Or wear high heels. Or make up.  It’s a unique relationship and one to celebrate for sure.

The Association is putting on a Father-Daughter dance called Gems & Gents on February 25th from 6 to 9.  It will be held at Sienna Lutheran Academy.  The Dads will dress up in suits, the girls in pretty dresses and there will be refreshments & prizes.  I imagine this will be a great photo opportunity for a framed pic to be added to your collection.  It will also be a fun night and I’m sure a lifetime memory for some little girl who thinks her Daddy is so big & tall!




A Special girl

If you know many people in Sienna, you may have heard about a sweet girl in the 9th grade named Alyssa.   I have a 9th grade son who first met her back at Baines Middle School.  Alyssa was a brave girl fighting an ugly cancer, all the while thinking about how she could help others.  Alyssa inspired so many people here in this community and all over the world.  After she left this earth to be with her Lord, this community wanted to do something special because Alyssa was so special.  Ridge Point High School did the organizing and each classroom was given 5 balloons.  Each class was asked to come up with 5 ways they could make the world a better place in their lifetime.  Those ideas were written and tied to the balloon strings. Everyone then  went out onto the football field and Len Brogan, the Principal gave a beautiful tribute to her and asked the students to be inspired and follow Alyssa’s lead.  Then they played a song written for her by Matthew West and the choir sang a song and the balloons were released.

I was fortunate enough to get to hear something that happened a few days after this balloon release that I want to share.   A farmer outside a tiny town in Louisiana found one of those balloons with the message still attached.  It told Alyssa’s story and it told of the students idea for making the world a better place.  This farmer was moved and took the time to send his condolences to this community and to this sweet girl’s family thru the high school.   Just one more person inspired by Alyssa.  I’m sure there are more and I sure hope I get to hear about the next balloon found.


Super Bowl 51

There sure is lots of excitement in Houston about the Super Bowl being at Reliant this year.  My sister and both sister in laws live in the Meyerland/Bellaire area and they are not looking forward to traffic issues one bit.   Out here in Sienna we get to be close enough to get to Reliant pretty quick via the Fort Bend Toll Road but we’re far enough away to  not be inconvenienced by traffic congestion over there. If you are driving through Houston during Super Bowl week, you’ll be happy when you hit the Tollroad.

You can celebrate the Super Bowl without leaving your neighborhood this year.  Come out to Camp Sienna Sports Complex on Saturday February 4th from 5 to 9 pm.  There you can tailgate with all your neighbors & friends.  Sienna is providing music, a rock wall, contests & prizes your kids will love.   You can decorate your cars, trucks and tents, bring your beverages & BBQ and enjoy a big block party. This is the kind of event Sienna is known for. Just laid back family fun!  Go to then to Rec&Fun to register your spot or call Smita Parikh (778-4037).

Booster Ball a big success

As with most things involving Ridge Point High School, Booster Ball was great.  The Booster club at our high school is simply amazing.  Honestly known throughout Fort Bend ISD as being top notch.  In fact- did you know that there are shirts that say “Ridge Point ISD”?  That’s what we are sometimes called by other area high schools, due to our school spirit and our parent involvement.  This year’s Ball had a Rodeo theme and was held at the Stafford Center.  The committee went above and beyond- great food, a really good live band, a silent and live auction and gaming tables.  I have not heard as of yet the amount raised, but I know in year’s past they met or exceeded their goal and I bet this year was no exception.


Favorite Nail Salon

Now I know some people (mainly men) say “why so many nail salons?”  There are some ladies who schedule & plan and some who don’t.  If you don’t, then you know the importance of being able to walk into a Nail salon and have a great pedicure started on you within 5 minutes.  Without so many of these places, that would not be possible.   We do have several good options right here in Sienna and then plenty more if we drive down Highway 6 towards Sugar Land.   I like Sienna Nails.  I like Linda.  I will go to other people there.  I will go to other salons too but its my favorite.  I guess I just got comfy there- I know the routine and what I’m getting.    Sienna Nails is right near Hoggs N’ Chicks and Billy’s Donuts.  You can make an appointment or you can walk in might want to call ahead).



Remember when we found out that WE WERE GETTING AN ACADEMY ???  Boy that was an exciting time around here.  Seriously- the Sugar Land Academy over on 59 is not that close.  Lots of us have kids and lots of our kids live in the clothes sold at Academy.  Then there are those kids that play sports (how many mouthpieces have we gone through-don’t get me started).   I also remember before it opened sitting at Ulas having chicken tacos (that will be another post) and all of a sudden about 15 people walked in wearing Blue shirts that said ACADEMY.  They had been stocking the store and were taking a dinner break.  Sounds silly now but seeing them got several of us pretty excited thinking about how we’d soon be able to just pop in there and grab a water bottle or a football on our way home from the grocery store.  I’ve loved having them here but now I just take it for granted that its right there and don’t stop and appreciate not having to drive over to 59.