The end of Middle school

If you live in Sienna, you’ve heard lots about Baines middle school and the fact that soon there will be another middle school open in Sienna.  Back in May of my oldest child’s fifth grade year I remember having apprehension about him going to Baines.  It just looked big and the kids all looked so big to me.  He’d be getting his first locker, on his own in the hall and all that comes with that.   When my second son started there just one year after the first, I was not apprehensive at all.   Zachary did fine at Baines.   No it was not perfect, but he learned, had fun, made new friends and had some good teachers and enjoyed football.  Now my youngest is at the end of 8th grade there and as great as I know Ridge Point is, I will miss Baines.  I thought it was big!  HELLO- Ridge Point looks MASSIVE.  Navigating the halls at Baines was a piece of cake!   It was easy to get to know the hard working front office ladies and the Principals as well.   I’m going to miss Baines. I can’t believe its already time to shop for the 8th grade exit dance clothes.   As Kenny says “Don’t Blink”.  IMG_5506

Graduation is here

Ridge Point’s Graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, June 2nd.  The day after the last day of school.  I’ve been told it will be held at the new Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land.  If you have not been there yet, its a great venue.  If you go LJ Parkway, you can be there from neighborhoods off Sienna Ranch in about 10 or 15 minutes.   I’ve got lots of friends with kids graduating this year and I cannot imagine what that must feel like.  Thirteen years of school coming to and end. Knowing that you will no longer be handing out consequences for unfinished homework.  Most dealing with the fact that this child of theirs is about to move out of the house.  It is an exciting time, even for those who have mixed emotions.  I’ve talked with many Mom’s lately who are trying to enjoy every single minute.  There are lots of Sienna residents with kids graduating from Private schools as well and I’ve enjoyed chatting with some of those parents lately.  I’ve got two friends with kids graduating from college, and its so funny to hear them talk about that. It’s not sad of course- its PAY DAY!  Now that has got to be a good feeling!  Graduating from RP, a Private school or any college is an accomplishment and something to be very proud of.  Good luck to each & every 2017 Graduate in Sienna!  IMG_5577

I am SO doing this! Check it out!

This has got to be one of the coolest things Sienna has ever done!  Can you tell I’m excited?  First let me tell you about my neighbor Thad… he does the most AMAZING ribs I’ve ever tasted.  I’m talking fall off the bone, full of flavor, perfect ribs and he does them on this expensive, beautiful thing in his backyard called The Big Green Egg.  We are not big grillers over here in the Hayslip house (I think I’ve talked about that before) but I sure love having friends that are.  Anyway between May 15 and June 18 we all (yes you and me!) have the 4 opportunities to win a BIG GREEN EGG!  All you have to do is go to a model home here in Sienna, take a selfie & include the hashtag #SiennaSelfie,  post it to Sienna Plantation’s Facebook page and lastly tag 4 friends you’d want to invite over to grill!  I say were are not big grillers but IF I win this big green egg, I will be out there in my backyard all summer doing cartwheels in anticipation of my dinner.  They plan to draw one winner each week and give away 4 of these grills that are worth $1,000 each.     From what Thad tells me, you don’t need skill to use this egg thing (like you do a regular grill).  I’ve got to win one.  I’m going to run over to Sawmill Lake and do this on Monday, May 15th so that I don’t forget.    I’ve never taken a selfie by myself – wish me luck!  FullSizeRender


By now I’m pretty sure everyone in Sienna knows about Ulas.   Of course our first good size restaurant would have to be Mexican food.  Its what so many of us crave by the weekend after “being good” all week and eating healthy.   I can fill up on guacamole and chips.  In fact I have a friend who goes to Ulas and just orders that- guacamole & chips.   Their fajitas are good though and although I do not drink them, I hear the Margaritas are great.  I love an ice cold beer but Margaritas are not my thing.   Anyway what’s great about Ulas is that you will run into your neighbors (some may say “thats a good thing?” but I love it) and you will end up chatting with someone you really like but don’t often take the time to chat with.  The staff is always willing to pull tables together for you to accommodate groups.  They are always willing to grab you extra chairs for those walk ups- the ones you didn’t know would be up there but you are so glad that they are.   The best part of course is when you start to yawn, bed is just up the road.

My last Boondoggle

Baines Middle School puts on a super event called BOONDOGGLE every year.  My youngest son is now in 8th grade so its my last time to have a dog in this fight.  I say that because the kids at Baines really get into this thing.  They form teams, pick a team name and compete on an obstacle course.   This is a fundraiser for the school and such a great idea, as it promotes fitness and teamwork.  When I volunteered to work at it in the past, there was a dunking booth (lots of staff members took their turn in there), all sorts of games and lots of good food and music as well.  This event takes a ton of work and I’m sure the entire committee, as well as the PTO Board is worn out when its over.

Zachary, who is now a Freshman at Ridge Point was on the winning team in 6th, 7th and 8th grade- I didn’t think those boys would ever stop talking about the Dynasty they’d created (they have).   Girls get just as into it as the boys do and what I loved last year was seeing so many teams stay and cheer on other teams when their team was finished and they knew that were not winning.   Last year at the end, some of the Baines Coaches ran  the course against some of the kids and that was very fun for the students participating as well as the ones watching.     This year all the fun will take place on Friday April 28th.



Spring Cleaning

Everyone that knows me knows I like clean.  I like to declutter.  Why is it time for that in the Spring when the weather is great and we all want to be outside?  I have no idea but this Spring I had my entire downstairs repainted.  Talk about Spring Cleaning!  Get all your walls, doors and baseboards repainted while you live in a house and you are guaranteed to do some cleaning out that the same time.  When pulling furniture away from a wall its hard not tho think “we’ve been living in here with that?”   I had a piece of furniture painted too (by a very talented person I might add!) and she wanted me to remove the drawers… you guessed it- Clean out time.
I have no idea why I had a platter that said “Property of Houston’s Restaurant” on the back.  Yes I love that place- but really?  Did I walk out with their platter when I got done eating?   No clue.  Anyway- for the first time in years, my baseboards are clean.  My drawers are organized and dusted out.    I’ve got LOTS of stuff to sell or give away or both.   Why not go into summer really clean so your kids (and all the neighborhood kids) can have fun messing it back up? IMG_5189

Canine Carnival is this weekend!

unspecified.jpegFor the third time, Sienna is hosting a Canine Carnival.   I know I’ve talked about how many dog lovers live here.  Its actually hard to think of someone that does not or did not have a dog.   The carnival will be this Saturday, April 22nd.   A 5K for both people and dogs (and even a 1K) will start at 8am and then the carnival will kick off  with a dog costume contest, face painting, inflatables and food trucks.  There will also be pet adoptions for those interested.  One very cool thing this year is Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans will be there.  The 5K is being hosted by Fort Bend Cares, which is an amazing organization that many people in our county have benefitted from.   So instead of taking your dog on the same old walk you typically take on Saturday mornings, why not do this instead?   All this fun will take place at the Saw Mill Lake Model Home Park.  If you have not been back to Saw Mill Lake yet, you will love it.  Gorgeous trees and lots of beautiful model homes to tour.  Just get on Sienna Parkway heading away from Highway 6, and you’ll be in Saw Mill.  Have a great weekend and enjoy time with your doggie!